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Part 62: Episode 56: Home for the Holi-daze

Oh, I got a letter. In a fancy envelope! Who’s it from…?

Yaaay! I got a heartwarming invitation!
My family’s Buddhist, so I hadn’t had anything planned… I might as well go, right?

I’m certainly going to refuse a party like this. Think of all the different kinds of food I could eat!
I put on my best set of clothes and headed towards the Le Bel family mansion.

Hohoho! What do you think, Lourde? Normally a commoner such as yourself would never set foot in here.
I-It’s amazing, Sakuya…!

This whole thing is far removed from my own uncultured, stone-age lifestyle. I feel a little nervous!

Do you have a party like this every year?

That seems a little tiresome…
Are you feeling overwhelmed already? Poor, foolish commo--


Oko, you dog! Why are you here!? I never invited you!
Coooo! (Okosan sensed a feast, and came in through the window! But there is no pudding!)
I wouldn’t give any to you even if I did have some! Confound you, you genetic throwback!

Okosan’s going to go berserk, at this rate.

Oh hell no. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I’m not letting anyone ruin it!

Okosan! Inside voice!
Well done, Lourde! Now throw him outside!
I am grateful to you, Lourde. Now we can have our party in peace.
No need to thank me!
I would hire you as a bodyguard if ever you so desired.

Perhaps I went a bit too far with taking care of Okosan.
Oh well. Let’s eat!

The music stops.

After the Christmas party, I was excited to see if I could take Sakuya out for New Year’s, but…

…But it’s raining!

Oh, well.
I’d go to the shrine, but this weather makes the wilderness dangerous. I think I’ll sleep in like a good girl instead.
I won’t be able to send out cards in this rain, either! Fiddlesticks.

Well, even with that minor setback, winter break was fun, and soon it was time for the final semester to start. Without any tests and no big events to worry about, it looked like it was going to be an easy semester.

It was so easy, in fact, that I didn’t even notice a whole month fly by. The next thing I knew, it was Legumentine’s.
You know, Sakuya’s really seems to have changed over this year. At the beginning, I thought he was rude, and disrespectful, and arrogant, but I’ve seen him change to be… well, he’s still arrogant, but it seems like he’s calmed down a lot more. He’s started to be really friendly towards me, and I feel like maybe he’s not such a bad guy. In fact, maybe he’s even… a little sweet? I mean, he did invite me to that Christmas party out of nowhere…
Yeah, I think I’ll ask Sakuya to be my Legumentine’s date. I wasn’t sure what his tastes were, but I knew he liked to live rich, so I decided to go for the most expensive beans in the shop: the racing blend.

I am busy. May I ask you not to waste too much of my time?
This will only take a minute! I have something for you. Here!
What are these?
It’s a pricey blend of beans! I know you like expensive things.
That is not what I meant. Why are you giving me beans?
It’s Legumentine’s!

What planet are you from, anyway!?
I'd think that in France, the "country of love" of all places, they'd make a big deal about Legumentine's! How sheltered is he that he doesn't even know this one holiday?

It’s a holiday where girls are supposed to give beans to the boys they like.
Wh… what…!?
Don’t look so disturbed, geez! I gave you those. Will you accept them, Sakuya?
These beans seem somewhat cheap for their illustrious recipient, but…

Really? Yaaay!
…What did you mean by “like”?
I am asking you what you meant by “the boys they like”.
Umm… exactly what I said!
No matter what I’m doing or where I am, your beautiful plumage always comes to mind, Sakuya.
Anyway, here! I hope we can continue to get along.

He glances at the beans, and then at me, and then wordlessly leaves.
I’m glad he liked them! He did like them, right?