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Part 68: Episode 61: Always Kept at Wing's Length

Going back to school was no big deal, since I was actually prepared today. Everything seemed fine to start, though I found a student ID lying in the middle of one of the hallways, and Mr. Nanaki says it belongs to a missing student. Maybe he dropped out and dropped his card on the way…? I dunno, but it does seem weird.

The first math class came quickly, and I felt lost in all the new material. It seems Sakuya already knows this stuff, though, so he must be a really incredible student.

As happy as I was to be back in school, I was not happy that it coincided with molting season. One day it got so bad that we had to use most of homeroom just to clean our room!

But everything was fine a couple weeks later, because the campus was full of feathered friends.

I don’t have anything to do, so I guess I’ll go look around.
Hmm, I wonder if Nageki’s in the library today? Probably.
I think I’ll go buy something and hang out with him.
The music stops.

Close it, please.
I knew you’d be here!
The door. It’s loud outside.
Oh! Sorry.
You’re staying in here even today? It’s almost like this is where you live!

Of course not! You’re kind of like a friendly ghost, or something. It’s reassuring to know you’re here.
Anyway, I brought you something! You’re planning to stay here all day, right?
What did… cookies?
Yup! The birdwatching club was selling bird-shaped cookies. Aren’t they cute? Have some!

Hearing him thank me makes me very happy, even if it was in a whisper. He even looks a little happier than usual!

There’s lots of other stuff, too! The third-years are doing a play, and one class put together a god-tier haunted house…
I was thinking of looking around a little more… Nageki, want to come with me?

Oh, no! He looks angry…

Well… all right. Sorry, I didn’t mean to try to drag you out of here.

I think he might actually live in here.
Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen him anywhere else. Maybe he comes straight here as soon as he gets to school…?
Well, it doesn’t really matter. I still ended up having a good time talking to Nageki during the festival.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and so after the festival I found myself in a panic.

I’ll have to study at… Huh? Where’s my history textbook? It’s not on my desk…
Oh! I was reading it in the library during lunch, so maybe it’s still there. I’ll go look.
I ran down the hallway, and ran into Mr. Nanaki.

Welcome back, Lourde. Where are you going?
I think I left something in the library! Do you know if the door’s still open?

I’ll go there first, then! Thank you, sir!

Thankfully, someone was still there to give me the keys to the library. I entered cautiously.

Here it is! Yaaay!

Somebirdie’s written on the page I left open. “The congress dances, but does not progress.”
…Well, that’s funny, but don’t write on people’s books!

Don’t leave books lying around with their pages to the four winds.

I hadn’t thought you’d still be here…
Why not?
The door was locked! Don’t tell me they locked you in!?

That would be terrible!

…It was? I hadn’t realized.

Well, if it was an accident, then it’s all right… maybe?
Geez, you’re supposed to make sure there’s nobirdie left inside before you lock the door!
Anyway, I need to lock the door again.

Well, there’s no reason for us not to go home together, since both of us have to leave now anyways.

Hey, Nageki… Let’s go home together.
No, thank you.

H-he didn’t even pause to think about it!

Where do you live? I’ll walk you.
I’m fine, really. Don’t worry about me.
You always get mad when I suggest you go outside…
……don’t jump to… If I could, I’d…

He’s already reading again.
I think I’m annoying him…
Well if he says so, I’ll let him take care of whatever he needs to and head out now. I wish he'd be a little more open though. I worry about him…