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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 69: Episode 62: Silent Strains of Budding Romance

And so I sat studying in the library, while one by one the other students filed out to go home. When I look up, I’m alone.
…or not.
A particular birdie decided to take a seat next to me. How forward!

My, how unusual! I think this is the first time you’ve sat down next to me, Nageki.

You’re nothing but surprises today!
I’ll leave you alone if you’re busy.
Nooo! Talk away.
I was… shocked when you first came and talked to me, Miss Lourde.
You’re the only one who didn’t ignore me.

That’s… that’s terrible!

Nageki, that’s awful! Which class are you in? I’ll talk to your teacher--
I’m not done talking yet.
Sorry, go on…
You think I’m being bullied, right? I thought that, too.
You’re… not…?

Better than this? Then what is he…?

I’m not sure yet, though. When you talk to me, I… remember things, sometimes. But it’s still not good enough.
I don’t understand. What do you mean…?
Miss Lourde, I think I… I think I’m--

Right as Nageki was about to finish, the door opened, and I turned my attention to the new bird.
The music stops.

Lourde? You’re here late!

It’s good to study, but working too hard on your own for too long can backfire on you. Lock the door and head home soon, okay?

On my own…?

Sir, what are you talking about? I’m not al…

Nageki’s gone.
He was here just a moment ago! Where’d he go…?
Did he leap out the window and go home ninja-style?
Well, either way, Mr. Nanaki’s saying I need to clear out. I’m sure Nageki will find his own way out, if he hasn’t already.

Well, it seems all my studying paid off in the end, since I was top of my class on the final! I even beat Sakuya somehow, so I’m feeling great!

And so winter break came, with little to do.
Since I was a Shin Buddhist, I willingly took the Christmas Eve shift for library duty.

Oh, no! It’s snowing!

It was clear when I left!
Crossing the wilderness to get to my house in a blizzard… I’d be risking my life.


A book under his arm, the same as always.
I do wonder about last time… But, if he wants to talk, then he’ll talk to me.
For now, I won’t bring it up.

I was about to go home, but…
Mmhmm. I guess I’ll have to wait until it stops.

He makes a noise of agreement, and sits down next to me with his book.
He’s been a little distant lately, but maybe he’s warming up to me in his own way…?

What are you reading?

Oh! It’s Christmas Eve today, isn’t it?
Please keep quiet in the library.

I completely forgot! I guess this makes it a white Christmas.
More like a whiteout Christmas, if you ask me!

Looks like you’re almost finished?
Yup. I just got to the part where Tiny Tim dies and Scrooge sees his own grave.
That sounds like a… depressing story.
…You haven’t read it? Even though you work here?
I’m Buddhist, so Christmas stuff has never been…

Time travel? I thought it was a classic, but it sounds kind of science fiction-y…
I can see that. It’s not really the focus of the book, though.
I’d like to see the future… It would be nice being able to avoid getting into trouble.
…I wouldn’t like it.

And so we enjoyed the “present” point in time along which we flowed.
This is a nice way to spend Christmas, I think.
The music stops.

Soon after came the New Year’s festival. I decided to keep up my studies in the coming year, so I got a charm for fulfillment in school and prayed for the best.

Afterwards, I caught Mr. Nanaki by the fortune stand. He apparently ended up with a bad fortune this year, but I think I pulled a pretty good one.

Soon after, winter break came to a close, and my final semester as a sophomore began. There was no formal testing to worry about, so this was going to be a relaxed semester.

Time flew by and before I knew it, it was already time for Legumentine’s.
Nageki has been a strange little bird ever since I met him, but once he started to open up, I saw that he was really just an awkward kid looking for a friend. We’ve made some great progress in that respect, and I think it’d do him some good to know how much I care about him, so I think I’ll make Nageki my Legumentine’s date. He seemed like the kind of bird to snack while reading, so I bought him some country millet, knowing that it’s a very relaxing seed.

The pervading chill has earned the library the dubious honor of being one of the school’s least popular places in winter.
The few students here are huddled around the heater. So, Nageki should be…

There you are, Nageki!

Sitting in a frigid corner far from the meager effects of the heater, as expected.

--quiet in the library.

Oh, can you somehow forgive my dreadful sin?

Brrr, it’s cold in here… Are you okay, Nageki?
I am fine.

Don’t mind me, Miss Lourde. Feel free to go sit by the heater if you’re cold.
Nope, I’m fine! My house doesn’t have a heater at all.
Anyway, I… have something to give you. It’s Legumentine’s, you know.
Here! Foxtail millet!
…For me?
Yup! You’re supposed to give beans to the most important bird in your life today.
…Do you want them?

He looks happier than usual. Or is it my imagination…?

I often ate these, when I was younger… This brings back memories.
Thank you, Miss Lourde.
You’re welcome, Nageki!

It’s so nice to see him happy! Hopefully things will be like this for a long time.