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Part 74: Episode 66: Trapped

…What is this…!?
…A wall. A huge, grey…

It’s dark, almost like the sun has already gone down.

A dome, rather… We appear to be shut in from above, as well.
What… When did they do this, and how…!?
I don’t think any of us was in full command of his facilities as we came this way. We can’t be certain that it wasn’t already there.
…It does seem most likely that it was put in place while we all were in the gymnasium listening to the headmaster, though.
He did say there was a natural disaster… Maybe this is some sort of shield?

Maybe they… didn’t give the headmaster the details, to avoid causing a panic…?
If that were the case, they would be robbing us of our right to know why our very lives are in danger.
Is this really a shelter…? Is there really a natural disaster?
Either way, we don’t know if there’s a connection between what happened to Goon and all this. Let’s go to the classroom and then tell Mr. Nanaki about the dome thing.
Very well.

And with that, we left for our classroom.

Is everybirdie else planning to stay in the gym…?
Japan is a country full of fools who have grown lazy through too much peace. I doubt anyone else has dared to take it upon themselves to investigate this matter.

Sakuya suddenly stopped walking and turned to me.

…We’re here.

Inside is--
…I can’t… Sakuya, I’m sorry, could you…?
Hmph. No matter.
…What is this madness?


Th-that can’t be right! We left it right here! It’s not like it got up and moved on its own, is it?
Someone came and removed it while everyone was at the gym? This is life, not some third-rate mystery novel!
Exactly, Sakuya.

I turned around quickly, recognizing the intruder’s voice.


Do not throw my name about like some cheap toy, mongrel.
How cruel! Well, I can’t blame you for being tense, given the circumstances.

…I think he’d act like that regardless of the circumstances, Yuuya.

I am… sorry, about her. It pains me to think about what happened.

His expression clouds.
It’s strange, I’ve never seen him with any expression other than carefree cheerfulness before.

You’d known her for a long time, right?
…Yes. Do you know something about all this, Yuuya?
Well… Most of this business is still a mystery to me, but I can at least answer the question we face right now.
The whereabouts of the corpse, you mean?
Yeah, that. As you said, this isn’t some third-rate mystery novel.
Corpses don’t disappear, and we won’t be having a famous detective show up and find the culprit for us.

The chemistry lab?
Wh-what for?
For one, well… we couldn’t just leave her scattered throughout the school, if only for the mental health of the students.
Secondly, for the autopsy.

I imagine you’re wondering if there isn’t a connection between the two.
We are, but… we haven’t found anything.
What do you know?
I told you, this is all a mystery to me, too.
I assume that we will have an easier time investigating the murder as long as we’re sealed in like this, though.

The doctor? Why him!?
You don’t trust him?
Of course not! I-I don’t want to think about what he might do to her…!
He might even have…
Hrrm. You suspect the doctor?
Y-yes! Everybirdie knows he’s a nutcase! He probably killed her for some crazy experiment…
He is an expert in the field. Who else here could perform the autopsy?
I know where you’re coming from, Ryouta. He’s not exactly the most ethically-minded bird around.

…All right. We’ll go later.

So Goon has been gathered in the chemistry lab, and the doctor and Mr. Nanaki are examining her now.
Mr. Nanaki might not be the best witness, but he’s better than no one, right…?

We know where the corpse went, then. But why are you here?
Me? I’m investigating. Under my own orders, of course.
Playing detective, mongrel?
That and I have to make sure we didn’t miss any pieces.
Anyway, what are you going to do now?

I am inclined to agree. The headmaster’s refusal to explain our situation makes me doubt his story in its entirety.
Indeed. So, Ryouta…
I know how you feel. You want to find the one who did this to Goon as soon as possible, right?

Gone for a moment, and suddenly she was turned into this.
Who did that to her? I’ll find them, and I’ll--

I’m going to find the culprit, and I’ll… I’ll…

I’ve never felt this emotion before, but now I feel nothing else.
When I find that bird, I’ll…

My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, this school is a mess, and we won’t find anything by chasing after her shadow.

That’s about all I have to say.
Hmph. We didn’t need your advice from the start. You’re nothing but talk anyway, mongrel.
…Thanks, Yuuya. We’ll do our best to help.

Yuuya made to leave the room, but turned around in the doorway.

Oh, one other thing!

You mean that antisocial cockatiel dandy everybirdie hates?
Yup, him. Don’t worry, he’s a good guy.
He’ll be able to help you, and you might find something useful in there.
Well, that’s it for the talky mongrel. Adieu!

He saunters off towards the staircase.

What a dreadfully obnoxious man. I thought he’d never shut up.
He gave us some good advice, right? We should be grateful.
Anyway, I don’t think we’ll find anything else here.
Indeed. Hmm… Where should we head next…?


Let’s go to the office first. Maybe this One guy will be able to help us.