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Part 75: Episode 67: The Maintenance Office

Yuuya said to go, right?
I doubt the integrity of his advice.
Geez, is that anything to say about your own brother? You should be nicer to your family.
My family!?
Do you mock me!? That filthy-blooded mongrel is no relation to me!
Woah, calm down.

I guess his elitism is still running business as usual.
We don’t have time to waste. We should hurry.

The maintenance room is… in the corner of the main building, on the ground floor, right?
The music stops.

We quickly headed to our destination, and knocked on the door before letting ourselves in.

What is this? This doesn’t look very educational.
The handyman pretty much lives in here, I think.

As we entered the small room, Mr. One appeared from behind a folding door.

Mr. One! Hello!
What are you doing here? Didn’t you hear the alarm?
I’m Ryouta, and this is Sakuya. We got permission from our teacher to investigate the building.
Didn’t YOU hear the alarm?
No panic, no noise… and no leaving. That’s what I do here.
W-woah, somehow he seems really cool…!
You mean you’re too lazy to go to the gymnasium?

No, we’re not--
Do you mean to interfere with us? Wretched fool!
Umm… Yuuya said we should ask you for help…
Sakazaki Yuuya?
Yes, him. We decided to honor his request by coming all the way over here.
Do you intend to stop us now?
Sakuya, where the heck are your manners!?
Uh, sorry… He transferred from overseas, and his Japanese isn’t too great.
He certainly has more bark than I imagine he has bite. Very well, come in.

Two things. The murder of Lourde Goon, and the mysterious wall outside.
You’ve been in here the whole time, right? Do you know what he’s talking about?
Yes, I got an idea of it from Mr. Sakazaki.
In other words, you know only what you have heard from that mongrel. Useless!
I know plenty about the school itself, though. My job is to take care of the entire campus.
Maybe you know what the big grey wall outside is, then?
Useless wretch!
Sakuya, calm down!
Though… I’m not sure there’s anything we can learn here right now…
Oh, wait! Mr. One, could we use your computer? Maybe we can find out what’s going on outside!

Even the telephone wires, eh. This is too thorough.
I can’t think of any reason why they’d need to cut communication systems off if it were some sort of storm protection…
This has been a wild goose chase, then. A complete waste of time. Let us go, Kawara.
Wait. I have a Bright and Massive piece of advice for you.
Bright and Massive?


I’ve been almost everywhere in this school, but never there. You might be able to find something out about the wall if you check in there.
Of course! The headmaster did not speak to us in person in the gym. If he was broadcasting from his office--
…then he might still be there!

Asking him certainly seems like the best way to get some solid information.
We should try that.

If you need a break later on, feel free to come back here and rest. Anyone Mr. Sakazaki sent is trustworthy.

This bit of dialogue is an in-game way of explaining the save system for this section of the game.
Saves can only be made while we’re inside this room, or at the end of the chapters, or “Classes” as the game calls them. I think it’s a pretty neat justification.

We didn’t know much yet, but I decided to quickly scribble down all the information we had, and what questions we were still trying to answer. It’ll be a handy reference for later.

Thank you, Mr. One!

We can come back here later.
For now… we should check out the lab, or the wall. After those two we can try the headmaster’s office.

I… I don’t think that I could handle going to the lab right now. I’d rather start at the wall so I can get some fresh air… or the closest equivalent at this point.