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Part 76: Episode 68: The Wall

Hmm… Let’s go get a closer look at it. We can’t see much from over here.


Sakuya ran his wing along the wall.

Iron, maybe…? It’s quite firm, at any rate.
Maybe it is some sort of shelter…
Hmm, my phone’s out of range. Maybe this wall is blocking the signal…?
That seems likely.

Sakuya gave a couple firm hits against the wall, creating an echoing sound.

…It sounds thick, and dense. Trying to break a hole in it will not be practical.
Maybe there’s an emergency exit or something?
We should check. We still don’t know whether or not we are completely sealed in, after all.
Right. Let’s walk around the perimeter.

We slowly walked the perimeter, keeping an eye out for anything resembling an exit.

Doesn’t look like there are any doors or anything…

I’d think an emergency shelter would have some sort of airflow built in, yeah…

If not, then… we’re in deep trouble.

What are you looking at?
Up there. Is that some sort of hatchway?

He points upwards.


That does look like it might lead outside. Let’s go look.

…I don’t see any sort of latch. Can we open it by hand?
Hmm… Yeah, maybe there’s a switch or something somewhere.
It does not seem like we can do anything here now. Let us remember its location and return later.
I don’t like to think about it, but… If there really is such a terrible disaster out there that this is the only option, maybe it would be better to leave it shut, anyway.
Indeed. Let us move on.

We still don’t know what’s going on outside…
I’ve got enough on my mind just thinking about Goon, but… I’m worried about my family outside, too.

I hope my mother’s okay…

I could no longer avoid it, as much as I wanted to. We walked across campus to our final destination. Slowly and cautiously, I entered the chemistry lab with Sakuya.

It’s always been one of the gloomier parts of the school, but today the lab is downright depressing.

Hello, Kawara.
Sir, thank you… for being with Goon now.
Of course. Sakazaki came and asked me to come right after you two left the gym.
He must have gone past us. How unfortunate…

The doctor is lining the pieces of Goon up on one of the lab benches.


I’m not glowering at you.
Do you disapprove of my handling her?

He gives me an evil smile.

…No, that’s not it.

I just wish we had a doctor who wasn’t this malicious.

Are you finding anything, Dr. Iwamine?
Not yet, no. I only just finished assembling her.
It will take some time… I will send word to you when I’ve finished.

Very well. We shall not interfere.
Come, Kawara.

As we made to leave, the doctor called out.

Oh, Mr. Kawara. A moment, please.

The music stops.

A hint…?
You suspect me of foul play, do you not? In light of that, I shall leave it up to you whether you decide to believe me or not.
Anyway, I think you have missed something very important.

You’re just a little bit off. But, I’m sure you’ll find the answer yourself if you keep looking.
Hohoho… Isn’t it beautiful, Mr. Kawara? The sound of your life crumbling apart around you.
I take it that it does not suit your tastes. Very well. He was rather fond of the unusual, himself… A pity.

The more Dr. Iwamine talks, the less I understand about what he’s trying to say.

Well, then. You can handle the outside investigation, and I, the… internal. Hohoho. Good luck, Mr. Kawara.
Right… Thanks, doctor.

As we left, I could hear the two adults talking in the lab, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Nothing important. I was just giving him a little emotional support, and encouragement.
I see… That’s good, then.