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Part 77: Episode 69: The Locked Door

Yeah. We’ve got a better idea of the situation… I guess.

The doctor’s working in the lab, the grey dome covers the entire school but for one small hatch, and we can use the maintenance office as a base.

Mr. One did say…
Indeed, he suggested we visit the headmaster’s office.
Yeah. It’s on the first floor. Let’s go.

Are you within? We demand entry!

Rude even to the headmaster? I wonder if the doctor is the only person in the entire school who he actually respects.

No reply. Let’s go in.
Wait, Sakuya, that’s--

Before I could protest, Sakuya had already grabbed the handle and started violently trying to open the door. He gave it a few good tries before releasing the handle.

It’s locked…?
Bah! Where is that old geezer?
Maybe he’s pretending to be out so we’ll go away?

Should we wait around?
We have no time for such frivolities. We shall enter this room if it means reducing the door to a miserable pile of splinters.
It’s the headmaster’s door… I don’t think it will be easy to break down.
Hmph… You speak the truth. Let us ask Nanaki if there isn’t a key to open it from the outside.
Yeah. We can head back to the—

I stopped when I heard a noise echo through the hallway. It was faint… but it sounded unnatural.

What is it, Kawara?
I think… I thought I heard something.

Like something being dragged across the floor… Listen, there it is again! Behind--
The music stops.

Suddenly, the sound grew in volume. This time I know Sakuya heard it, because he turned around the same time I did.


I was left speechless at what stood in front of me.

Suddenly, behind us stood…
A gigantic scarecrow-like creature, with a rough burlap sack for a head.