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Part 79: Episode 71: Biases

Right. We should ask everybirdie where they were yesterday…
The doctor said he was in the infirmary until he went home… I wonder if we can trust him.
Do not bias yourself with baseless suspicions, Kawara.
…Yeah, I know.
I think maybe you trust him a little too easily, Sakuya. He’s a world authority, but that doesn’t make him honest.
You know nothing of what that means.

He makes medicine!?
Save the sleep talk for your dreams! Have you no idea what contributions he has made to the medical world!?
I-I didn’t know… I thought he was some kind of mad scientist, cooking up nothing but death and all-around woe.
You have become biased by the foolish rumors of the peasantry. Reconsider yourself.
In any case, the Le Bel family is indebted to him. A noblebird will never treat a benefactor with disrespect.

So that’s why he’s so polite to the doctor…
Doesn’t that make him biased as well, though?

…Anyway, let’s go.
Very well.

With the new information we had gathered, I thought it would be a good idea to add to our notes and inform Mr. One of the new circumstances.

Mr. One?

How goes the investigation? Well, I hope?
We went to the headmaster’s office, as you requested. It was locked, however.
Yeah, we got attacked by this weird thing outside there! I’m glad you’re okay, the office isn’t that far from--
Was that “thing” a muddy scarecrow-like man, perhaps?

So you’ve seen it too.

I caught a glimpse of it from behind at the other end of the corridor and didn’t stick around to let it see me, so alas I was not blessed with a look at its pretty face.
Hey, we ran away as soon as we saw it, too!
Anyway, it sounds like it’s wandering around the building… Maybe it would be better for you to leave, Mr. One.
Don’t worry for me, young one. My duties prevent me from leaving this room.

Well… Yeah, that’s true.
Hmph, already stuck in the rut of unadaptable middle age? Don’t come crying to us if you get hurt.
I’ve come within touching distance of death in the past. I will be fine.

I wonder what kind of death comes that close to a maintenance worker?
Then again, knowing this school, there could be all kinds of evil going on behind the scenes…

Well then, what are you standing around for? I believe orders were given for everyone to gather in the gymnasium to avoid the scarecrow.
Same goes for you. Why aren’t you headed over there?
I can’t just… sit around.
Indeed… Same here. Hence walking around the school.

What for?
Something you asked him to do.
Ah, he wants you to help him keep an eye on Dr. Iwamine.
Most likely, yes. The doctor and Goon, that is.
Anyway, you two go on with your investigation. I’ll be watching over her, so don’t worry.

However, before Yuuya could leave, Sakuya stopped him.

According to the autopsy, Lourde died after school yesterday. Did you see her during that time?

Just that he’d been in the infirmary all day.
I was there, too.
We were inspecting and cleaning all day, so I can verify the doctor’s alibi.
I told you not to doubt him without evidence, Kawara.
Aah… Right.

…At this point, the prime suspect is that scarecrow, anyway.

We should head out, too… But first let’s right down what we’ve found.

Well, our investigation just gave us more questions, but at least we have an idea of what caused Goon’s death now.

All right, let’s go.

With all of our business completed in the maintenance office, we headed to the gymnasium for further investigation.