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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 80: Episode 72: A New Suspect

Shut up with no explanation, and now there’s a suspicious individual wandering the campus. I guess even doves lose their cool eventually…

San! San, where are you?

Coo, coo! (Where did you and Sakuya go? Leaving Okosan and going outside is not fair!)
You’d just confuse the issue if we brought you along.
We came back because we had a question for you.
Coo! (Come at me, whippersnapper!)
Uhh, that’s not what I…
You usually practice on the ground after school, right?

Did you seen Goon while you were out there yesterday?
Coo! (No! Okosan did not see her then, or as he was going home!)
Can we really be sure that he would have noticed her, even if she had been there while he was running?
Good point…
Coo, coo! (Do not look down on Okosan’s visual memory!)

W-w-w-wait, San, what did you just say…!?
Coo, coo! (Do not look down on Okosan’s visual memory!)
After that, imbecile!
Cooooo! (If you had asked Okosan about the blood-stained interloper, he saw, then he would have had something to say!)

The infirmary…?
Could that have been Goon…?
She wouldn’t have been stained with blood until after she died. She was a bit hyper, but I don’t think she’d still be walking around at that point…

So, someone covered in blood was going into the infirmary after school…? Who in…?
Whoever he is, he’s our prime suspect now.
Thanks for telling us, San.

We left the gymnasium, excited about the new information we had gathered.
The music stops.


Some bird who San doesn’t know… Could it have been someone from outside the school?

…It’s past noon already. Let us hurry onwards.