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Part 81: Episode 73: The Empty Library

Hrrm… Nanaki has probably gotten the key for us by now. Let us return to the lab.

What is it?
Did you say something just now?
I did not. Could it be that confounded scarecrow again!?
No, it’s not him… I thought I heard somebirdie say something.
Bah! Don’t scare me like that… Though, we’ve been walking around half the day. It’s hardly surprising that your mind should be playing tricks on you.

Eventually, we reached the end of the hall and found a room we had yet to explore.

This is…

What if there’s somebirdie in here? They might not have heard the alarm. Let’s check.
Very well.

Far removed from the emergency throughout the rest of the school, the library is the same as always--empty. It is a little gloomier than usual.
We both searched the library for any straggling birdies. I didn’t want to leave any chance for more casualties.

I guess there’s no one here…

Since when am I your subordinate?

Sorry, Sakuya. Let’s head back to the lab.

And so we both left to find Mr. Nanaki and finally enter the headmaster’s office.

Something… something bad happened.
I should have known what would happen after this… If it hadn’t been for me, none of it would have happened at all.
What was I trying to do here? What did I see?
…Why can’t I remember…?

I can’t hear… What are you saying?
You’re fading away. It’s too far…