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Part 83: Episode 75: The Headmaster's Office

I believe he was already dead when the announcement was broadcasted this morning, though.
I checked his broadcasting equipment, and it looks like they put the video together from last year’s disaster drill footage.

Meaning, somebirdie killed the headmaster and gathered everyone else in the gym…

Why would anyone…?
There is no explanation but mere obscene delight in the grotesque.

It might be better if we kept this to ourselves, for now.
I concur. Until we have a proper grasp of the situation, telling the others would only cause unnecessary panic.

First Goon, and now the headmaster, both poisoned.
Were they killed by the same person…?

Since we’re finally here, let us search for some clues, Kawara.

Where do we even start…?
Incompetent feral! Examine each piece one at a time, looking for anything about emergency procedures, plans of the school…
Got it.

I started slowly working my way across the shelves, looking for any large files that looked important.
PTA Records… That’s not it.
Demographics for Dummies… Nope.
Transfer Students… Wait, next to that is--

The Human Representative?

That must mean Goon. And the date is from two years ago: right before she enrolled.
It’s not really related to today’s incidents, but it might have something useful…
While I was checking this document out, Sakuya starting talking to me.

…Hang on, Sakuya.
What are you reading, Kawara?
“The Human Representative”?
It’s locked, even though none of the others are.

I wonder what’s written in here…
We can’t exactly ask the headmaster to open it for us. I don’t suppose the key is in here somewhere…
Maybe we should ask Mr. One for help?
Do you intend to break it open?
Yeah, it’ll be faster than looking around for the key.

My eyes shifted towards the headmaster’s desk.

That thing on his desk… Some sort of control panel? Whatever it is, it’s suspicious.
I believe it is a control panel for some machine, yes.

And spread out next to it is…

The dome.
Maybe this controls the dome? Or the hatch we saw earlier…
One did postulate that it would be in here.


All the same, we have some actual hope of getting out of here, now. Even just that is comforting.

Let’s go talk to Mr. One.
I think we have exhausted the possibilities of this room for the time being. Let us go.