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Part 84: Episode 76: Favors

On our way to the maintenance office, we were stopped by the doctor.

…Yes, sir?
Hoho, I see you have yet to lose your open distrust of me.
Well, two people have been poisoned.
And we have evidence that the perpetrator went into the infirmary.
It’s… sort of hard not to doubt you a little, sir.

Not too hard for Sakuya, though.

How honest of you.

The thing I forgot about? He must be talking about what he said earlier…

No. I’m not convinced you’re not just trying to mess with me.
Are you sure you’re not trying to keep me from finding something you thought nobirdie knew about?
How cruel, Mr. Kawara. Your boundless suspicion wounds me.

He doesn’t look wounded at all. More like amused.

I have no reason to regret your solving this mystery, Mr. Kawara. Let me give you another hint.

What are you talking about?

No riddles? Wait, not that--

You mean to say that you know the truth already?
Well… who knows?
If you do, tell me!

Just for me…!?
How long must you babble, Kawara? Come!

The harsh sound of Sakuya’s voice caught my attention, and I realized that he was waiting for me impatiently.


I turned back to the doctor for one last comment.

I take it this is a challenge, doctor?
Hmm… You may take it that way if you so wish.
I swear, I will find the truth. And if I find that you killed Goon--

Dr. Iwamine walked the other way down the hall, and I rejoined Sakuya, already on his way to the maintenance office.

You two again. What is it?

We explain to Mr. One what we found in the headmaster’s office.

The plot thickens, I see.
We think this file may be connected to the mystery. Can you unlock it?
Or break it.
Let me see.
Hmm… This will be rather troublesome.
It’s just a lock, right…?

Why would they put something like that on a bunch of ordinary documents!?
Perhaps because these documents are not ordinary.
All the same…
I have dealt with similar things in the past. It will take time, but I believe I can open it.
So defusing bombs falls under maintenance operations?

What does that have to do with anything!?

So, maintenance work in Japan requires a number of skills. I am impressed.
Uh, I think Mr. One is the only…
Oh, right! Can we ask you one more thing?
You may.
We found a control panel that looks like it’s for the dome, as well. But it’s locked.
It seems to require a password.
A password? Hrrm… Ask Mr. Sakazaki for help.

So that wretched mongrel has lowered himself to crime!?
I never knew he could… Sakuya, just let it go. We need his help here.
I shall take care of this folder, then.
I can’t say for sure, but… It should be done by the time you and Mr. Sakazaki get back.
All right. Thanks!

We should probably write all this down, since we’re here.

I quickly scribbled down the new information we had learned, and headed out the door in search of Yuuya.