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Part 92: Episode 84: The Blood-Stained Interloper

The stairs into the basement?

Apparently the fire that closed this building five years ago started in the basement. But we haven’t found it yet…

The elevator doesn’t have a button for it, either. How do we get in…?
…Perhaps we can’t, anymore.
Look at that wall.
The wall?

Don’t you see it? Stupid peasant…
What about it?
Think back to the building’s exterior, and the second floor. There shouldn’t be a wall here. It’s small, but there’s a space behind there.
It must have been sealed off after the fire.

Now that he mentions it, this wall is a slightly different color than the rest. Which would make sense if it had been put in later.

So the stairs are beyond here?
It seems likely. Isn’t this a bit much for cleanup of some fire?
We probably won’t be able to break this down…
If we can get in there, I doubt we’ll find anything more of use in here.
At least we found that thing from the headmaster’s documents again.
Yeah, let’s head ba--

The music stops.
The sound of glass breaking is heard.

!? Did you hear something?

This could be bad. We’re in a dead end, with concrete all around…
We need to get to somewhere with a window, fast!


The music stops.

Aaaagh, it’s heeeeere!
W-wait! Calm down, Kawara! It’s small.

At Sakuya's insistence, I opened my eyes to see what was in front of us.

…Huh? Are you from 2-2--

I am the Crimson Fallen Angel, Anghel.

I knew it. The manga club boy from the class next door.
He’s famous around the school for being a nutcase, but what is he doing in here…?

…I think I’m going to have a headache.
Textoris Melodia Funeris!
Who, me?
Good for you, Kawara. He came all this way to give you a title.
It’s not good at all! Nothing but trouble will come of it!
I don’t know why you came here, Anghel, but it’s dangerous. We’re supposed to be in the gym with everybirdie else, so come on, let’s go back.
I am not allowed rest… Not until I have fulfilled my duty!

U-undertaker? If that’s it, then, umm…

I suddenly felt a surge of confidence rush through me, and I took a fighting stance.

So the time has come at last… I will not be stopped now, Crimson Angel of Judecca! Come!

Anghel uses Dark Void Shockwave!
Ryouta takes 24 damage!

Ryouta unleashes Blue Moon Slash!
Anghel takes 78 damage!

Cease this jack-acting, you wretched imbeciles!

Sakuya attacks!
Ryouta takes 260 damage!
Ryouta returns to his senses!

The music stops.

I felt a little bit dizzy after Sakuya’s attack.

I am shocked, Kawara. To think that even you would go along with that farce!
What…? He disrupted my territory!?

I got carried away by Anghel before I even noticed! Influencing the very reality of his surroundings is a frightful power indeed.

I came here… to do but one thing!

A whole new variety of “what the heck are you talking about”!
Perhaps you could explain in normal Japanese. Your dialect is somewhat opaque.
I don’t think it’s just his dialect, Sakuya…
The End is calling me… That is all. That is the Cross I must bear.

He stares off into space, as if gazing at something far away.

Maybe that basically means that he’s a thrill-seeker?
So you are a moth allured by a candle’s light, Luzon?

Aah, more crazy talk… It’s not exactly a “blood seal”, that blood-stained chest is just the way a Bleeding-hearts’ plumage looks!
…Wait a minute. Blood-stained…

What is it, Kawara?
Blood-stained chest…
Uhh, Sakuya, do you think maybe the blood-stained stranger San saw was…?
Anghel, where were you yesterday after school? What were you doing?

Could you rephrase that…?
Rufa, the Tree of Blight, called out to me!
He’s asking you to say it using words we understand!
Hallowed Magician of White, your anger now… It is the power of the Demon spores!
I think it’s the power of you, Anghel…

I knew it!

I think we need to talk to you. Come!

And so we left the medical center, Sakuya dragging Anghel behind him.
We met up with Okosan near the track field and presented Anghel to him.

That’s that, then.
We need to know what you did yesterday. Did you go into the infirmary?
If I could… I would have. But only the Chosen One can stop the Demon Spores.
In other words, he didn’t.

Edel Blau? Who is that? Explain in terms known to sane individuals, please.
The Apostle of the Blue Sky, Edel Blau. She also goes by Lourde Goon.
Goon went into…!?
The music stops.