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Part 94: Episode 86: Further Evidence

When I woke up, I was lying on the floor.

Where am I…? I feel dizzy…

! That’s right, I was looking for evidence in the infirmary…!

I quickly checked my wings, and the surrounding area.
The medical records are gone.

Somebirdie took them…?

I managed to get knocked out even with the stungun Mr. Leone gave me. Darn it!
I don’t know who attacked me, but those records must have been important, to get stolen away like that.

Aargh! Darn it! Why did I let myself get taken from behind like that!?

I had our records. Even with those, it would have been hard to prove anything…
Whoever attacked me must have been the criminal. They probably wouldn’t leave anything, but maybe they missed a clue in here somewhere?
As I scanned the room from my position, something grabbed my attention.


I hadn’t noticed earlier, but there’s a card under the desk, in a corner I wouldn’t have seen if I weren’t on the floor.

This is…

There’s blood on the corner. So it wasn’t dropped here by accident before she was killed.

…It must have happened in here.

I almost feel like this is too good to be true. Like I’m being led along…
If the doctor were behind it all, surely he could avoid casting so much doubt on himself? Just what is he after, anyway?
…But, I’m not worried about who is doing what and why. I’m worried about finding the one who did this to Goon.
I need to talk to Sakuya.
I ran as quickly as I could to the chemistry lab. I didn't know how long I was out, but I was sure he wouldn't leave until he knew I was finished.

As I entered the chemistry lab, I caught the tail end of a rather disturbing conversation.

Correct. Even if she were cut up last night and distributed this morning, it would involve a good deal of physical labor.
…You again.
Can we go to the maintenance room? We need to talk.
Very well.

As we both made to leave, however, the doctor called out to Sakuya.

…Mr. Shirogane.
Yes, doctor?

Even with the knowledge and tools of a physician?
Even so. I am not a particularly healthy person.
Not a healthy person…?
The doctor is slightly impaired down his right side, you know.
He is…? I never knew.
I was injured, long ago. My right wing never fully recovered, though it rarely poses problems in daily life.

Yes, it’s all true. It’s even recorded in the faculty medical records.
It is? I see… Thanks, I’ll remember that.

With that new piece of information, we left the lab.

I think so, yeah. I wonder about the other records, too.
Why you, me, and Goon all together? Could that really be a coincidence?
Did you go there often after you moved here, or anything?
Not once. Nobility knows no illness.

Yeah. I’ve never seen him sick, and he always seems pretty lively.

I hadn’t know about the doctor’s injury… Kind of a bad thing to find out now.
Bad? Because it is inconvenient to your theory?

I guess so…
Maybe it’s because he’s not very active, or because he never leaves the infirmary, but I guess I’ve never really had a chance to notice his disability.

If he couldn’t have done it alone, it makes it seem more likely that he was working together with Yuuya.
Blasted mongrel… No good can ever come of his presence. He merely confuses the issue.
Salutations! Were you gossiping about me?

Don’t let it get to your head, mongrel. We weren’t saying anything good about you.
That’s right, Yuuya. From your point of view, we were subjecting you to vile slander and ill gossips!
You’re very frank, Ryouta. Nothing wrong with that.
What kind of slander? Perhaps you shouldn’t say, lest my fragile heart shatter like a maiden’s crystal glass, dropped by an unkind lover.

It should be obvious what we were talking about from our faces alone, but… he’s completely relaxed.
I doubt his heart is made of glass, though. Used tires, maybe. Something that is completely impervious to abuse.

Your unsolicited presence saves us the trouble of looking for you. We demand answers from you.
You lied. You met Lourde in the infirmary yesterday. Did you kill her?

The music stops.

We found her ID, stained with blood. In the infirmary.
You are duty-bound to answer. What did you see in the infirmary yesterday? And what did you do?
Well, I… can’t tell you anything. Sorry.

Cease this foolishness! You know something, don’t you!? Do not attempt to dodge the--

Sakuya didn’t get the chance to finish his statement though, since a loud creaking sound interrupted the conversation.
I turned around in reflex.

Run, you two!
Such terrible timing! Nobirdie likes a man who can’t read the atmosphere, Mr. Scarecrow.
Is this the time for jokes!? Run! Go!

We all darted for the stairway at the end of the hall, desperate to find a safe place to hide.
The music stops.

I lost Sakuya and Yuuya at some point during the run, but I couldn’t stop to look for them in fear of the scarecrow. I could only hope that they would stay safe…

Well, it doesn’t look like it’s noticed us. I guess it’s not too keen on chasing people.
Your idle flirtations sicken me! Filthy mongrel!
Ssh! Do you want it to hear us?
Hmm… How about this.

You plan to act as a decoy…? Don’t think this will stop me from suspecting you.
I wasn’t asking you to. I’ve been your ally until now, so why stop now?
Our ally…?
Anyway, run for it as soon as we’re out of sight. Adieu!

Before I could respond, he had already run out into the hall again.
Stupid mongrel…! Well, if he was going to act as decoy, I should take advantage of the situation. I ran to the maintenance office, hoping to catch up with Kawara.