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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 96: Episode 88: Protection

I opened my eyes. Was I still alive…?

Stop that, Isa! I told you not to touch my brother.

Suddenly, Sakazaki Yuuya blocks out the sun.
Blood is spreading across the floor. I am unhurt…? Whose--

Y-your wing--
Such beautiful brotherly love, Mr. Sakazaki. You were the real hero all along, of course.

And after all that work to steal the records from Mr. Kawara, too.
…Yeah, you’ve always been like this. A coward and villain to the core.
Oh, such flattery.
What are you doing, doctor? Why? Why are you doing this!?
I told you, remember? You bore me. Now that you have helped Mr. Kawara as much as you can, I have no more use for you.
Why should I put up with your babbling now that I am done with you?
I do not understand, sir. What did you and Sakazaki--

No! Don’t move, Sakuya!

I burst into the infirmary, hoping I wasn’t too late.


Yuuya standing over Sakuya, blood running down his body. The doctor, standing next to them. There is no question about what’s happened.
Doctor! So it was you all along!
Was it? I wonder about that. Hohoho.
P-pull youself together, Sakazaki! Say something!

Wait, Doctor--
The music stops.

I heard something crash unceremoniously through the door.

Th-the scarecrow…!

There you are, Labor 9. I was waiting for you. Come, let us go.

Labor 9? Is that the scarecrow’s name? So, he was working under the doctor this whole time!

Just a little more, Mr. Kawara. Do you think you’ll remember soon?
Stop running away!
You killed Goon! I will never forgive you!
I’m glad you’re so lively. That’s good.

I reach out.
I can’t reach.
The doctor and the scarecrow are gone.
The music stops.

D-don’t speak! You’re still bleeding!
Don’t worry… Who the hell do you think I am? I’ll be… fine… I know my limits better than anyone else.
I won’t die… to a little scalpel. Getting whacked with a cleaver would have been bad, but…
There are plenty of bandages here! Sakuya, wait here, I’ll go get Mr. Leone!
Wait, Ryouta. I have… things to tell you. Can you wait long enough… to hear my confession?
Like the doctor said… There’s no time to waste. So let me tell you… everything I can.