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Part 28: AStrodome

:v: So, obviously, there was a choice there, as shown by the branching paths on the flowchart. I didn't show the options, because the locked choice is also visible now. I wanted to grab the non-locked options first, so for this update we're starting back at the point in the train where Simon decides what to say to Ray.

BGM: Agoraphobic Sloth
The train stopped at the pantry. Shit, what was my choice? I didn't even make up my mind on who would go where. Ray was on the way out of the train already. He'd apparently decided for me.

Hey, wait!

Hurry up, the door's gonna close.

If I came out here with him, I could keep an eye on him. It would make our search slower, but I could definitely get him to agree with me if we found something disastrous for the eccentrics. However, if I tricked him, I could have him go to the bedroom once he was done in the pantry, to meet him there later and avoid having him explore the library at all. That way, neither Jasmine nor Marco would have to come under suspicion.

Was there a third option in all this...? If there was, I'd have needed some kind of divine sign to have gone with it, because I didn't really know what else I could've done. It all came down to protecting my friends, but in which way?

BGM: Silence

Before I could elaborate further, the doors closed. Ray didn't look like he wanted to follow the plan I suggested, but, since I waited that long and the doors had closed, he wouldn't have any choice. This played right into my hand to avoid him going to the library. Perfect.

I wouldn't leave there, anyway. My stop was the Stars.

It didn't take too long for the train to get there. Since we took the train first, nobody would be here either, allowing me to have full reign over the findings in this place.

BGM: Ambient Strain

There was the same lobby. The doors didn't close because this station was already solved. I ascended, and found myself in the Stars...


First, I had to find a light switch. Stumbling around the room, I didn't see anything like that. Maybe on the walls there would be one, near the door... Wait, where was the door? I couldn't even tell. I thought maybe if I blindly grabbed around, I might figure out its location...

BGM: Anaphora Solution

I think this is the funniest investigation section in the game from a concept standpoint, purely because it is Simon blindly stumbling around in pitch black darkness touching everything trying to figure out what the fuck is going on in this room. Anyway, that won't stop us from looking at the map, apparently! :v:

I guess I'll start on the right side and work my way left, since we literally can't see anything otherwise.

I could feel something cold and round. It was some sort of pillar. Might have been marble. The detailing on it more or less proved that fact. On top of it was something- a container. Some kind of chest, maybe? Finally, I found the booty. This was what all true pirates strived for, arr!

Arr, matey! Find me that light, will ye? Lest I'll make you walk the plank!

My ship continued.

Next item.

My search continued.

This was a spacious table. I followed the border with my hands and realized it was in the shape of an octagon or something? It had eight sides, and on top of it was a spherical dome. I wished I could've seen this firsthand, but without the lights, it would prove fruitless to try.

My search continued.

This was something metallic. It was in the shape of a large cube... Was it some sort of dice? I couldn't tell, exactly, but it was heavy. No, it was stuck to the floor. Whatever it was, I couldn't use it to turn on the lights.

My search continued.

So, this room is actually, technically, on a search limit timer like the theater was, just...not a literal timer. At this point the story progressed, because, if you hadn't figured it out yet, Simon isn't going to find much on his own stumbling around in the dark. :v: However, I've grabbed the rest of what he can investigate on his own before we continue- this time, starting on the left.

Or, maybe it was just made to look like a door, and it wasn't one.

My search continued.

This was... what was this? A giant telephone? Could I have made calls from here? No, I couldn't.

My search continued.

My search continued.

This was the door I came in from. I twisted the handle and it flung right open. I fell out of the room with a heavy thud.

Ouch! I really need to find the light switch, or else this will have been for nothing.

My search continued, sadly. This door only led back out.

And that's it! Time to progress the story.

I was already exhausted, and I'd barely found anything in this stupid place. I still couldn't find the lights. Perhaps there had been none? Did that explain why the twins took so long to solve this place? I couldn't blame them. I'd be in a foul mood if someone gave me a room to escape, and it was plunged in darkness.

:v: You already knew this was coming from the previous update.

That was the old man. What was he doing here? I stepped out of the room to meet him in person, before he climbed and ruined everything.

Yes, I'm here! Coming!

BGM: Ambient Strain
I walked down the stairs until I came down to his side of the station below. He was next to the lobby, right outside of it.

Is there anyone else up there?

No, it's just me. What's the matter?

Everyone's leaving to search a new station, so I came to fetch you. You've been gone for quite a while!

Yes, I met Ray and we decided to take a look around the stations everyone already searched.

Oh, is that right? That seems a little needless...

You believe Ray may be Smiley?

Maybe not that far, but at the very least, I think he doesn't have clean hands.

The old man walked into the lobby after thinking about everything I said for a moment.



Perfect then! We can go back to the lounge and arrest him as a group promptly. You see, if there is even a hint that he is Smiley, I wish to take it. He belongs to an organization doing terrible things.

The old man's sad smile was a terrible contrast to the determination he was revealing to me. Was he that focused on revenge, he was unwilling to concede someone may yet be innocent? I shook my head at his offer.

Wait, that's a little hasty still.. I'm not going back yet. I have other things to do first.

Oh, but you will, my boy. See, I have the best tool to prove Ray is a thorn in the group's side. However, it will require your complete cooperation.


I had no idea where he got this gun, but not knowing this had been a fatal mistake for me.

As you two have split up from everyone else, he was the only one who knew where you were... and he shot you. Ray couldn't bear your presence in his grand schemes. As an agent of the MTS, he wouldn't take chances...

As the old man made up his own version of the facts, I saw someone else outside of the doorway. It was the girl- the eccentric E. Were they both in on this murder? I didn't believe Ray truly was an agent of the MTS, whatever that meant. He wasn't hired by the Montreal Transport Society, not with his uniform. He had to be a clerk or a teacher, maybe?

It is time we find out the truth of the matter, and your help is invaluable. Thank you for your sacrifice. Soon, my revenge will be complete.

I didn't... you're... you're the one who...

Nonsense! Your help is a great contribution, don't be so modest.

As life slipped away, I slowly lifted my hand and weakly closed all my fingers until only the middle remained upright.

BGM: Silence