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Part 35: ASsailant

This time, we're choosing the other option- to return to the lounge instead of going to a new station. :v: Also, double update because these are short and it took me basically no time to finish this one.

BGM: Ambient Strain
G was right, in a way, about the fact going back empty-handed wouldn't be useful for anybody, but she forgot that each station didn't always have something. Already we'd seen it with the first stations: the pantry had food, but nothing useful. The library? Same thing. The bedroom had the papers I found, and the Stars had the maps, but the others didn't contain anything special.

Evidenced by our meager findings, it only proved the fact many stations would have nothing. There was an equal chance Jasmine and H had also left the lounge. Perhaps heading back to it was a waste. On the other hand, if they were still there, then not going back would cost me points with Jasmine. She'd probably get angry. Was I going to chance it...?

Maybe we should go back and share info with the others first. Remember, it's also possible other people came back. A and E left before we did, and J and H might still be there talking to the two of them, if they came back before your sister and my friend left. You could talk to your sister a while.

G saw the logic behind my idea and she nodded, determined.

BGM: Silence

I, too, wanted to see other places, but even if we went to a new station, nothing stopped us from checking up on the lounge first. The both of us settled in silence, having little to say that we hadn't said. The ride was fairly long since we had to go through five total stations. On the way, I checked to see if the pool was open. G probably didn't notice, but I did- the doors were unlocked. I thought M and Ray might've come back to the lounge after this. I couldn't be certain, since I couldn't check the reactor with this train. I'd have needed to be on the other side.

BGM: Agoraphobic Sloth

Did you notice? M and Ray left their station earlier. They might be in here now.

I walked out of the train, only to be knocked to the side by someone who'd been in a hurry to get in. They were alone.

Oof! Hey! Watch where you're going! Wait... who is this?

The chime rang out as I turned around. I looked through the windows, but I didn't notice who it was. The doors closed and the train drove off. The person went and hid themselves immediately after pushing me aside?

What a strange event. Anyway, let's go up and see the others.

BGM: Alarming Silence
But G wasn't there.

Some noise from the staircase grabbed my attention. I cautiously approached.

Hello? Is someone there? What's happening here?

Suddenly, a shape lunged from the staircase, coming right at me. I shielded myself with my arms, trying to fend them off, but all they did was... hug me? I looked at them. It was E.

I couldn't answer her. Yet, for some unknown reason, warmth spread through me when she fell onto me. Considering her state, the blind and deaf girl tripped on the way down. We'd both fallen onto the ground. Rising up from the cold, hard floor, I helped E back up so her soft, warm body wouldn't have to lay in such a grotesque position anymore.


I don't... I don't know who this is, sorry, sorry! But please, you have to stop him! He's going to destroy everything!

Who? Who will do that? Smiley?

But I couldn't communicate with her. All my questions received no answer. One thing I knew, though: she could be trusted. I knew I would've helped her no matter what she would've asked of me. Stopping this aggressor was also in my favor. She thrashed lightly, but I helped her to stand back up and then to sit on the stairs.

I couldn't understand exactly what was happening, but under her frantic demand, I didn't really have a choice. Judging by what she said, something big was happening... Maybe I was the only one who could stop it. I braced my hands on the back of my head. My knees turned into jelly and my legs shook slightly. This responsibility was... very... suffocating...

Could I really do it? I wasn't really anyone who could do that kind of thing. I wasn't really a hero.

This is... this is too much... How will I even find them...? Maybe if G was here... or H... or Jasmine....

I looked up into the staircase. I could just head up and fetch them, Ray or Marco. However... I had to get a move on if the situation was this problematic!

No answer.

BGM: Alarming Situation
As I pondered on the best course of action to take, a sudden tremor hit the station. I fell down to my knees and rolled onto the ground, noticing E was holding onto the stairs to stop herself from falling over.

What was that fucking explosion?! It felt really damn close!

He's doing it! He's going to destroy it all! No, no, no... not with us inside... we're all done for...!

Witnessing that panicked state, I had no choice. I wasn't going to wait for the others. I needed to deal with this problem now.

Okay... okay... ugh, I think I broke my ankle...

Slowly, I rose up to one foot. I sauntered back to the station side.

Maybe they made it... but who? E said “him”, so it was a guy... Marco, Ray, or A? I guess... the likeliest one would be A? I don't think Marco can make bombs... and Ray... no, wait, Ray might be able to. But why?

I waited, in the silence of a lack of answers.

It took a while, but I caught up to the intruder I saw earlier. I followed the stations until I reached the first one that the train wouldn't move from. That station was the theater.

It wasn't Jasmine or E. The only person it could've been was a twin. However, they were adorned with a most peculiar article of clothing. It was reminiscent of...

BGM: Abyssal Snarl

Casting my glance down to the lobby, which was open, I saw another body: the other twin was there. Dead. Immediately, my stomach sank. From the doorway, I could spy some rubble, too. She had been caught in an explosion.

Was it... was it you who...?

Urgh! Aghk! My ankle! What are you doing?!

G...? Is that the twin who died?

The other one didn't reply to my question.

Is this H? Did you... did you kill your sister? Was it you who blew up the station above? Wait, are you... are you Smiley? Why would you do that?

I had too many questions. The figure had no answer for me. There was a clear, hostile intent coming from her. She watched me, completely motionless. It was as if she was a life-sized figure.

The destruction of property to this extent isn't allowed. Termination engaged.

Wait, wait! Do you think I...

I didn't do anything, I don't know what you're talking about! I'm here to stop the person who was going to blow it up, I swear!

While talking, I had begun crawling over to try and raise myself over the side of the station again, very carefully avoiding the electrified tracks. However, whenever I moved, the twin stepped to block my way.

Let me up... Let me up, H! What are you doing? Are you really H? Who are you? What do you want? I just want to get up... Listen, it would only take a second, and I could fall and electrocute myself! Let me up!!

You gotta be fucking kidding me...

Maybe... maybe this will work if I believe hard enough!

It didn't take very long. The train arrived, and...

The sheer force dismembered me and the collar broke under the strength of the train. I became one yet many. One person yet may pieces, all scattered around the station.