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Part 9: Hassan's Shop

Update 8

download available on baldurdash

LordMune posted:

No quote today, instead, let's have a little contest to keep y'all occupied. In this video Heavy Rain's fairly unique approach to animation causes some visual weirdness that is usually covered up, but not at a specific point in this video. When?

The winner gets nothing, I'm afraid.

Spoilers for the video below. I only use spoiler tags because this is the same post as the video links, DO NOT USE SPOILER TAGS EVER when discussing what has happened so far, in fact please don't spoil anything, thanks.
 It is apparently possible to let Hassan die. I would assume this means it is possible to miss the shoebox, but Shelby might just decide to loot the body for it. I have yet to investigate this outcome myself, more as it develops...