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Part 12: Kick Off Meeting; Nathaniel

Some pretty neat posts around here as of late, from Willie Tomg and others. However, all this Hitchcock talk is making me slightly nervous; David Cage loves to invoke Hitchcock when politely asked to justify whatever minor nitpick worshipful gaming journalists feel is safe to discuss at the moment.

Have another update.

Update 11

download available on baldurdash

David Cage posted:

I'm looking for experiences that are meaningful, that carry meaning and depth. I don't try to just spend some time and have some fun and turn off the television and that's it. I prefer to spend some time reading a book, or watching a TV series, because they leave an imprint in my mind; they make me feel something. They make me think, and that's what I really enjoy. But with many games, when you turn off the console, nothing's left. In my mind, this is really a problem