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Part 36: Trapped; Face to Face

Update 35

You may have to wait a few days extra come next week's update, since I'll be out of the country and such.

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 Due to the horrible counter-intuitive bullshit QTE in Trapped, not a single one of my friends or even PS3-capable acquaintances ever saved Lauren on their first time through. Kicking through a window requires controlled, measured pushing of buttons while getting someone out of a sinking vehicle is a simple matter of jerking the controller around? Sign me right up, David Cage.

On a cerebral level the prompts and actual actions make a small amount of sense, but when you're actually playing it you are basically guaranteed to make the "wrong" decision if you want to save Lauren, and not realize it before it is too late. This is not the first nor the last time the game betrays its own internal logic regarding gameplay mechanics, but this particular example just irks the hell out of me. (This is not an invitation to derail the thread with a million posts about how you, really, saved Lauren without any trouble and it was the most natural thing in the world.)

Oh, and Shelby cannot die in Face to Face. Failing the first two prompts causes him to limp away in defeat; pass those two and you're practically home free - he can eat a ton of lead without missing a beat. That's just how badass he is. 

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