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Part 39: The Old Warehouse; The End

Hour-Long Spectacle 38 - The End
No subtitles. I will let the game speak for itself.

download available on baldurdash

 Getting the "Norman solo" ending requires going back a few more chapters than any sane person would be willing to play through. I'm sure there's half a handful of other small ending permutations + one or two bigger ones I missed as well, but I think I got most of them.
Failing to get Madison through the police blockade when all three "heroes" are at the scene gets Ethan sniped; if Norman is missing, she just waltzes in and everything is fine. I dunno. 

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Special Thanks to all who made silly videos and pictures for the thread, all who posted in it, and the rest of you ~2600 internet people who put yourselves through over eight hours of this mess!

(The jury's still out on The Taxidermist. How much is it?)