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Part 2

Part 002 - E1M2: The Dungeons


We'll be seeing a lot of gray in this episode, but this map gives us some brown/tan as well. Overall, I like the design of the level, and it has a 'dungeon' type feel to it. There are quite a few more enemies this go around, and a few spots that try to ambush us - akin to Dooms' Knee Deep in the Dead. The level has a very centralized design, too. I like that.

By the way, I didn't make any mic changes until I recorded part 3 today.

Also, since this LP will have 5x9 parts (at least), I may have some days with 2 episodes, if one of the episodes is short.

EDIT: This is a corrected video to remove a chunk of 'black' at the end. Sorry about that!