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Part 3

Part 003 - E1M3: The Gatehouse


This level doesn't seem as expansive as the last level, but it does contain a few challenges along the way. This level also has a few not so obvious secret areas, and an entire water area that can be somewhat frustrating due to the speed at which it moves you around. We're also starting to see some very creative texture work from the level designers, as well. Also, I'm aware the morph ovum is technically an item and not a weapon, but it can be used as such. Don't worry, I'm going to save that for when I actually need it.

Also, like I said, I like constructive criticism. Things like terminology corrections, mic corrections, editing corrections, or even suggestions to take time in certain parts of the level I am open to - or even using specific items on specific enemies. But, name calling and telling me I should do it someone else's way when it means re-doing the entire LP is silly is not helpful and is not constructive. Especially when the only people griping never said one word in the sandcastle when I posted test videos.

I took constructive criticism in my Symphony of the Night LP to make it better, and I think it did. But what some people are saying is akin to saying "restart the entire game with different stats or as Richter because I said so, and because you're a so and so".

Please be civil. Please be realistic. Thank you.