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Part 5

Cheez posted:

This is mostly me being a dummy but I forgot I had an excellent tip for you regarding how the Doom engine works that people tend not to notice.

In the game, there are projectile weapons, and there are hitscan weapons. The projectile weapons create physical objects that collide with enemies, obviously, but all the hitscan weapons instantly trace the path from you to the first object it hits.

Projectile weapons always come straight from dead center and out (although I think Heretic has an exception to this) but hitscan weapons are only dead center with the first shot. If you keep firing, every shot afterward will have a random bit of variance to it, and it makes it pretty difficult to duel with enemies on the far side of an area.

There's a pretty easy way to deal with this, although it doesn't help much at all at close range: Let the weapon return to the rest position before firing again. Pretty much as long as the weapon is still in its animation, and maybe a tiny bit of time after that, hitscan weapons will wander a bit and make you miss quite a bit if you're very far away. Using this trick you can basically snipe anything from infinitely far away, if you're a cowardly baby chicken that needs to hide from the scary monsters.

Thanks for the information. I play defensively. There's nothing wrong with that.


Part 005 - E1M5: The Citadel


This level is divided into two distinct parts, a northern end and a southern end. They look very similar, so it's easy to get them confused. There's also a pretty neat 'chapel' area to the north, with lots of goodies and items. We don't get the luxury of having nothing but open areas to fight enemies, as there are a few narrow corridors in the level which can be tough to avoid anything - namely projectile attacks. Also, be wary of the whispering Disciples of D'Sparil, as they are on precipices throughout the level above you and they will attack you, and it will hurt.
Also, I've adjusted the mic setup a little more but now it's extremely sensitive so let me know how that works out.