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Part 6

Sorry for the gap between updates. I needed a break from YouTube videos.

Part 006 - E1M6: The Cathedral


This level is a nice mockup of a Cathedral complete with pews and stained glass windows, and a graveyard. There are a lot of enemies here, and a lot of Disciples of D'Sparil, so if we use our weapons/items carefully we should be ok. I would suggest saving the wings of wrath for the beginning of the level so you can get 100% kills. The tomes of power are useful, and in close quarters it's probably a good idea to use the gauntlets so you can get healed - but watch it in case the Tome of Power wears off. There are two exits. The normal exit is in the middle of the level, but the exit we want is the secret exit where there are a lot of Disciples - so we will have to get through that somehow.