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Part 8

I thought I'd wrap up episode 1 today...

Part 008 - E1M7: The Crypts


This is another favorite level of mine from City of the Damned. Here, we go past the graveyard and into the depths of the crypts. There are a lot of good secrets here and a lot of enemies, but the level design is well thought out such that there are several different paths one can take to finish out the level. I also get a Tome of Power in this level in a rather orthodox method just to show that it can be done. The wings of wrath in this level aren't that useful I think, but there are crushing ceilings that we can use to our advantage. Also, I decided to do less cutting in this level simply because it came in at about 23 minutes, and I wanted to see if anyone didn't mind an episode with few cuts and a little backtracking.