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Part 9

Part 009 - E1M8: Hell's Maw


I always felt this was the creepiest level of the first episode simply because of the respawning pods. Plus, the boss enemies at the end (Three Iron Liches) just have a creepy look to them. They have fire, ice, and wind elemental attacks, and they can hurt, but they are avoidable. They can also fly, like gargoyles. You get plenty of items in the level including over a dozen quartz flasks, but use them wisely. You may find that the level isn't exactly over when the bosses are finished - so save those rings of invincibility for when you might actually need them. Also, keep in mind that the explodable pods will hurt you more than they will hurt the trapped golems if they set them off, so move in, fire, and move out as needed to get rid of them. Alternatively, you can avoid them and deal with them at the end when doors to their 'chambers' open up and you can use the pods against them. You can't take your items with you to the next episode, so use as much as you can.