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Part 14

Part 14 - E2M9: The Glacier


It's time to take on the secret level of Hell's Maw. Can you guess why this level is named after a block of slowly moving ice? Well, one key is on the top of what appears to be a glacier, and it's a pain to have to walk up it, but that's the way the level is so we might as well troop through it. This level also likes to put you in close quarters with an Iron Lich, so if you see one give him a wide berth. The fire attacks are very slow but you cannot really avoid them in close combat, and they can easily kill you. Also, there are side rooms with a lot of enemies like Were Minotaurs (sorry if I called them were dragons earlier) and Gargoyles, so just go back to the central room if you need to so you're not cornered. Finally, I decided to not cut out much commentary in this video to see if my filler material has improved. Let me know what you think.