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Part 19

Part 019 - E3M1: The Storehouse


The best tip for this level? Conserve your ammo. I recommend killing the gargoyles at the beginning of the game with the staff as much as you can, and hiding until the coast is clear. Once you can move on to the next area (which is a water area with an Iron Lich), let him clean up a few of the gargoyles, then let a tornado of his chase you so that you can get the wings of wrath and the tome of power (and hellstaff) ahead of time. You'll need it. Official guides don't cover this strategy, but I'd rather get it done now rather than later. The next area, which is a storage area near a 'chapel', has quite a few wereminotaurs and sabreclaws, but if you lead them to a narrow hallway you can pick them off. Finally we meet a new enemy, the Ophidian. He's not too difficult, but I would suggest keeping your distance since his attacks can be significant. You'll note that the ring of invincibility is acquired near the end of the level, suggesting that we use it against the two final (and difficult) enemies. However, I'd rather save it for another level.