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Part 28

Part 028 - E4M1: The Catafalque


And now the moment you've all been waiting for. I took a couple days off from LPing just to relax my brain before taking on this monster of a level, and yes, it is a monster of a level. If you thought The Storehouse (E3M1) was bad, just wait. This one is perhaps the worst level in the entire game. There are a ton of very difficult enemies, and you get very little ammo to deal with them. This recording is also over 30 minutes long because I'm not really able to rush through it. However, I tried to make it as interesting as possible, so enjoy. By the way, I am now using a hi-def texture pack and will use it for a few more videos at least. I am starting to like it now so let me know what you think. The visibility seems to be way better.