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Part 29

Part 029 - E4M2: The Blockhouse


No, I'm afraid this house isn't round or curved. This house is orthogonal. The level design here reminds me of MAP019 of Doom II - The Citadel. We have a centralized 'blockhouse' surrounded by four teleporters which each grant us access to the central portion. We must take all four teleporters (and yes I get confused on which teleporter to take), and then we'll face even more enemies. There are now two Maulotaurs in this level, but we are able to take them out without a problem in the usual fashion. I highly recommend getting rid of all the monsters in the middle section before getting the yellow key and dealing with the Disciples separately. You needn't waste ammo on the Maulotaurs, and you have great odds of getting at least one additional Tome of Power from killing an enemy. Save the outer rim for last so you can stock up on ammo before the next level.