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Part 37

Part 037 - E5M1: Ochre Cliffs


Some people would argue that this level is the most difficult level in the entire game. I would argue that it is only the 2nd most difficult level. It's a pain in the neck to finish, but unlike the Catafalque, it actually gives you plenty of ammo - so I never really worried about running out as much as I did in E4M1. The enemies are hard, yes, and the first part reminds me a lot of The Mausoleum. My advice is to get the gauntlets, and get the first Tome of Power as quickly as possible. Hide and fight, rinse and repeat until you're done. The very last section is extremely difficult and will kill you if you're unprepared for it. My advice is to trigger the enemies to show up and then leave as fast as you can through one of the teleports. Even if the 'big guy' is trapped he can still kill you with one of his attacks - and he almost did.