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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 2

"Thank you all for coming here on such short notice."

"Buenas dias, Presidente."

"I have called you here to announce the appointments to the cabinet. For minister of Agriculture: Julio Olivares Las Casas."

"I welcome this new opportuniy to serve my country with a deep sense of humility. I will endeavor to prove myself equal to the task."

"As minister of defense, Manuel Calderon Iglesias."

"We have come a long way, but a hard road still stretches out before us. Let us move forward with boldness and decision."

"Minister of internal affairs: Antonio Alejos Espinales"

"Chimerica needs us, Presidente. Let us work together to make our land a place of prosperity, peace and hope."

There was a tie between Alejos and Liliana, and the coinflip came up in his favor. I think this will make it more interesting anyway

"And finally, as minister of external affairs, Francisco Ferrante Oberon."

"Though we will inevitably have our differences, Presidente, on certain details of policy, I trust that our mutual love for this great country of ours will serve to guide us through the difficult days of trial and compromise ahead."

"I hope we can all strive together to return Chimerica to glory. I'll let you get to work."

"Thank you, Presidente."

"Ah, wait a moment, señor Alejos. Our first order of business shall be to root out the corruption in the government. As minister of the interior, this will be your primary responsibility."

This is the consultation screen, usually I would see what the other ministers suggest, but in this particular case all of the ministers are of the same opinon

"I trust that you will see to it."

Alejos smiles. "Though there are still a few clouds on the horizon, it seems the sun has come up at last, here in Chimerica."

Next order of business, it seems that the International Monetary Fund is willing to give Chimerica a package of sorely needed loans:

Biography of Alice Beadle Sourwine: Representative of the International Monetary fund. A British economist, trained at the London School of Economics. Spent several years on the faculty of the University of Chicago, the briefly served in the conservative government of Margaret Thatcher before joining the IMF.

And this is what an encounter looks like

As I mentioned before, we have the options to agree, flat out refuse, heed the advice of the minister, or bring the matter to the agenda. Again, all the ministers are in agreement on this question. Any feelings about the IMF aside, beggars can't be choosers

Ferrante smiles with approval. "To cross a river, you must be willing to get your pants wet. It is time to start wading, Presidente."

Back at the office, a letter from the US Ambassador had arrived:

Apparantly, this was also all over the news.

In the future, I will try to post the newspaper articles in separate posts to avoid clutter. They are the best thing.

This is... odd. I shall have to speak with my defense minister about this.

It was then Alejos interrupted.

Usually I will only post the full explaination advice of the responsible minister and the shortlist of other advice unless specifically asked to, but I'll make an exception since Alejos was the only dissenting voice

So, time for our first actual policy vote:

Option A:
] Assert the authority of the Presidente to decide what aid Chimerica recieves.

Option B:
Do not disturb the traditional connections between the US and Chimerican militaries.