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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 3

And so it was decided that the present agreement was for the best.

"For the present power-sharing arrangement to continue," Calderon says slowly, "all parties must occasionally yield on certain points of dispute. We are prepared, as a goodwill gesture, to accede to your wishes in the present instance."

Biography of Hector Ferrera Contreras: A factory worker who helped organize other workers during the Insurrection, running considerable risk in the process (including threats from death squads.) Now heads the Independant Worker's Syndicate, a union that prefers to remain independant of any political party.

"What did we fight the dictator for if not to help the people he oppressed? No Chimerican child should go to bed hungry. The disruptions of the past year created food shortages. What drives the price so high, however, is the fear of the unknown. To put a check to this speculation we must set strict price controls on basic foods: corn, bean rice, cooking oil, sugar, and milk."

As the NL dominated agricultural ministry supports the price controls our hands are pretty much tied, leaving us with no choice but to accept.

"If a revolution truly serves the people," Julio Olivares says, "it will remind us of the crosses that we ought to bear but find it convenient to ignore. It is good to see you take up your responsibilites with such an even hand."

The newspapers didn't seem all that impressed, though.

Now, time for some more general agenda setting. What should be our focus for the nearest future? These are my suggestions:

A. The Agricultural reform program. This would entail focusing on matters such as land reform, credits for agricultural producers and other related matters which we will most likely have to tackle sooner rather than later.

B. The Military restructuration program. This regards matters such as the control of the army, military aid, and finding a response with regards to the ex-Farsante paramilitary groups that still exist.

C. The Infrastructure modernization program. Dealing with such matters as improving our infrastructure, control of export, and economic aid. Matters such as health, education and workers rights will also fall under this.

D. The Chimerican Democratization program. This would mean further elimination of corruption, and an initiation of the daunting task of creating a Chimerican democracy from the ground up.