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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 4

With an overwhelming majority supporting it, the Agricultural Reform Program was initiated.

First order of business, the promised land reform.

Basically, Ferrante is advocating a less radical reform than his NL colleagues. Alejos also suggests that we need the workers just the way they are (picking our cotton) but if we would choose that it would lead to an immediate emergency event forcing us to announce the reform anyway, since our minister of agriculture is NL. So that won't be an option, to avoid that dick move.

Next on the agenda, the control of marketing of exports.

As expected, Alejos disagreed with him.

And as expected again, Ferrante wanted to compromise.

And at the same time, the work on eliminating corruption continued.

Suprisingly, the other ministers weren't quite as laissez-faire.

So, three things to vote on this time.

Vote 1, on the issue of Land Reform:

A: Announce plans to give power and wealth to the poor through a land reform program.

B: Announce plans to develop a land reform program.

Vote 2, on the issue of Control of Marketing of Exports

A: Make the National Marketing Board the sole buyer and seller of export crops.

B: Establish a voluntary Marketing Board to aid smaller export producers.

C: Promote our commitment to free-market principles abroad.

Vote 3, on Revising the tax code

A: Revise the tax code to make the rich pay their full share.

B: Revise the tax code to reduce the inequitable treatment of businesses.