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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 6

One season had now passed since our glorious revolution.

This screen is always a bit scary when you're playing, as coups d'état only occur directly at the beginning of a season

The agricultural reforms continued.


The next order of business the agricultural reform: Credit for agricultural exports.

We also had a meeting with the ambassador of the Americanos.

Biography of L. Quentin Buffard: Newly appointed ambassador of the United states to Chimerica. Graduate of Georgetown University. Career Foreign Service officer, worked for many years as "political officer". Chimerica is his third post at ambassadorial rank, after two-year stints in Liberia and Laos.

As Ferrante (as well as all other ministers) agree on this issue, there's no reason not to accept.

Ferrante smiles with approval. "To cross a river, you must be willing to get your pants wet. It is time to start wading, Presidente."

Next, there were some grim issues to attend to. Many ex-members of the Farsante Guard, responsible for many heinous crimes during the dictatorship, still remain at large in Chimerica under the leadership of this fellow:

Oh Antonio, you're such a kind and forgiving man

Also, Calderon reported to me that something had to be done about Ehrlich's increasing influence in the NRAC.

For reference, here are our two Joint Chiefs of Staff:

There was a heated debate in the cabinet, with a lot of angry glaring between Calderon and Alejos

So again, three votes:

Vote 1, on the issue of Export credit:

A: Divide credit resources between the food growers and the producers of export crops.

B: Direct the National Bank to give priority to the producers of export crops.

Vote 2, on the issue of Death Squads and Human Rights

A: Arrest the members of the defeated Farsante Guard

B: Do not reopen the wounds of the recent past.

Vote 3, on Control of the Army

A: Continue to support Sub-comandante Correa's efforts to police the army.

B: Grant increased authority to Sub-comandante Correa.

C: Continue to support Colonel Ehrlich's efforts to police the army.