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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 7

The decision to divide the agricultural credit was recieved with cheer.

Campesinos are landless farm labourers who survive on working on larger plantations and simple subsistence farming

Calderon was pleased with the decision to arrest the Farsante Guard.

Comandante Calderon raises his fist in the National Liberation salute. "With this decision, we send the people yet another revolutionary, combative, and profound message of fraternal solidarity. Long live the triumph of the Revolution!"

As well as with our efforts to balance the Army.

"Once we release the energy of the people," Calderon says confidently, "their contagious enthusiasm is unstoppable. To lead them, we must continue to push forward ourselves."

However, we were reached by chilling reports of acts of violence perpetrated against the beneficiaries of the land reform, despite our efforts. Even more disturbing were the reports that uniformed members of our own military were involved.

Wheter or not the reports were exaggerated, it was clear that something had to be done about this.

Meanwhile, pressure both from workers and factory owners were increasing, with regards to the government's response to recent strikes and union agitation.

With the arrest of Blowtorch Bob and his Farsate guard remnants, there was the matter of arranging the military courts that were to bring charges against them.

Today's votes!

Vote 1, on Violence against land reform beneficiaries

A: Distribute arms to the farmers given land by the land reform

B: Direct Colonel Ehrlich to improve troop discipline.

C: Halt the expropriation of land.

Vote 2, on the issue of Unions and worker rights

A: Guarantee unions the right to organize and strike

B: Direct the police to keep union agitators from corrupting the work force.

Vote 3, on Death squads and human rights

A: Press the courts and the military to fully prosecute Guard members.

B: Leave further handling of the accused to the military courts.

C: Order the release of soldiers accused of politcally motivated violence.