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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 9

It was with a heavy heart the orders were given.

Shortly afterwards fighting erupted and with it, the last hope of ever reconciling the Army died.

The next days were spent nervously hunkered down in the office waiting on sporadic reports from Correa, until the news we had hoped for but hadn't dared to expect arrived.

With Colonel Ehrlich and his loyalists driven away it seemed Chimerica was still under our control, at least for the time being.

Although we are still in office and we have managed to avoid an open civil war, things are not entire peachy. Our military is now entirely in the hands of the NL-aligned Correa, and in response the USA has halted all forms of aid to our country. There's also the threat of organized anti-government contras to consider now.

A emergency meeting of the cabinet was held to from a response plan to the threats from contras.

Also, as our diplomatic options were becoming limited rather quickly, it was time to discuss the option of Soviet aid.

I LOVE this piece of advice.

And contras or no contras the day-to-day running of the country had to continue, and that included the land reform.

Today, three votes.

Vote 1, on Right-wing insurgency

A: Build the Army to defend against attacks by reactionaries.

B: Maintain the Army at its present level of troop strength and funding.

Vote 2, on Economic and miltary aid from socialist countries

A: Accept economic and military assistance from socialist countries.

B: Accept offers of economic, but not military, assistance from socialist nations.

C: "Just say no" to communism.

Vote 3, on Land reform

A: Provide technical assistance to new cooperatives.

B: Reserve productive land for it proper owners. Limit land reform to marginal parcels.