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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 10

Another season has passed, and we're still in power. At least that's a good thing.

The new educational exchange program we've entered with Cuba is also a good thing.

The attacks by contras on volunteer education workers, not so much.

Despite these threats, there's still a need for politics.

As the price controls didn't have the intended effect, the agricultural ministry went ahead with a plan to subsidize the farmers.

We could have decided to remove the price controls, but that would have resulted in an emergency forcing us to reinstitute them or subsidizing, as per Father Julio's advice.

Work also continued to rid the government of corruption.

Also, the daunting but important task to prepare the country for democracy had to begin, sooner rather than later. There was, however, some debate on how this should be done.

And while dealing with all this, we still had to show the world that Chimerica remains a responsible and active voice in the international scene.

So, lots of politicking today.

Vote 1, on Corruption

A: Launch a special investigation into the misuse of government employee time.

B: Launch a special investigation into corruption in the bureaucracy.

Vote 2, on Nationalism, Popular Organizations and Democracy

A: Build democracy from the grassroots by empowering popular democratic organizations.

B: Appoint a tripartisan council to write a constitution and prepare for elections.

Vote 3, on International Relations

A: Vote against the resolution calling for an end to Cuban involvement in Bokuta.

B: Vote for an end to Cuban involvment in Bokuta.