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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 11

The winning ticket was BBA - Investigating the bureaucracy, Appointing a council to write a constitution and preparing for elections, and Voting against the resolution.

Oberon was slightly displeased with the decision to vote against the resolution.

"Once more we will carry a stone to the top of the mountain," Ferrante says with a sigh of resignation. "You would think that the mountain had enough stones already."

The resolution was defeated, sparking a debate on the proposed New World Information Order.

Also, reports kept coming in on the worsening situation in the countryside where reacto raids were continuing.

Still finding our new place in the international scene, we needed to establish our postion on the NWIO.

Our ongoing investigation in corruption had now discovered another major problem in the land reform, this time in the form of rotten apples in the administration. Clearly something had to be done.

The democratization project continued. This time, the matter of local representation was up for debate.

The votes:

Vote 1, on International Relations

A: Support the New World Information Order.

B: Oppose efforts to codify the New World Information Order.

Vote 2, on Corruption

A: Tighten regulation of the land reform program to reduce opportunities for corruption.

B: Eliminate temptation by cutting funds to the land reform program.

Vote 3, on Democracy

A: Support making Barrio Defense Committees the cornerstone of local government.

B: Support indirect election of mayors through election of city councils.

C: Support the direct election of local officials.