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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 12

The winning vote: Opposing the NWIO, Tightening regulations on the land reform, and supporting mayoral elections via city councils.

This marks the first anniversery of our presidency! I will celebrate the occasion by posting the progress charts for the past year, in a bonus update sometime soon.

Remember the voluntary Marketing Board we set up a while ago? Turns out it isn't working out as expected, much to everyones surprise. Actually, it seems it hasn't had much effect at all.

Meanwhile, with the basic rights of unions guaranteed, some parts of the government began pushing for even greater concessions.

And the work on writing the great Chimerican constitution continued.

The votes:

Vote 1, on Control of marketing of exports

A: Make the National Marketing Board the sole buyer and seller of export crops.

B: Let the National Marketing Board prove its usefulness.

C: Abolish the National Marketing Board.

Vote 2, on Unions and worker's rights

A: Establish a National Salary Scale to set wages according to job.

B: Allow unions to function, but hold firm on any further demands.

C: Crack down on left-wing agitators. Keep the minimum wage to a minimum.

Vote 3, on Democracy

A: Support a strong executive branch with strong party involvement in parliamentary processes

B: Support a strong legislatature and strict separation between parties and government.

C: Support distribution of powers between executive, legislature, judiciary, and army.

And by the way, I must say I really like that avatar Kairos! I'm a bit surprised noone has gotten one of Oberon yet, seeing as you are all his fanboys.