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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 14

We opted not to make any changes on the matters of the Marketing Board and unions, as well as pushing for a constitution with a stong legislature. Father Julio was a bit annoyed.

"As you choose," Olivares says after a pause. "But think of the people, Presidente. They may wonder, as John the Baptist wondered, 'Are you the one who is to come, or do we wait for another?'"

The food subsidies were up for debate in the papers.

Work was interrupted by the US ambassador making demands.

Since Oberon agreed, there was little point in arguing. If Correa was indeed involved, this really was a cause for concern.

The ambassador seemed cautiously pleased though. Oberon said something about getting his pants wet, but I didn't listen.

Of course this entire debacle was in the news for quite some time afterwards.

Father Julio advised that the time had come to do something about the old Farsante estates, which had up to now been managed as state farms. That's what I get for complaining, I guess.

Facing the threat from contras, the cabinet revisited the issue of Soviet and Cuban aid.

The next issue for the constitution was the matter of term limits and succession.

Thus, the votes.

Vote 1, on Disposition of the Dictator's estates

A: Gradually divide the less efficient state farms into cooperatives.

B: Give the dictator's land to the less-well-off coffee producers.

C: Sell the dictator's land to those with the finacial clout to use it productively.

Vote 2, on Aid from socialist countries

A: Accept economic and military assistance from socialist countries.

B: Politely decline to accept any further assistance from socialist nations.

C: Refuse all offers of "assistance" from communists.

Vote 3, on Democracy

A: Support few restrictions on presidential succession.

B: Support one presidential term and strict limits on succession.

C: Support two presidential terms and strict limitations on succession.