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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 15

Tonight on BBC: Chimerica - Giving land to coffee producers, Declining Soviet aid, and Supporting two presidential terms!

We were in the news again.

A meeting was arranged with the Commissoner of Health, aiming to take some action against the deplorable state of the health care system.

Biography of Dr. Judith Escobar de Royce: Commissioner of Health. Holds degree in internal medicine and public health from the University of Mexico. Her years of effort to improve health care systems in Chimerica were continually frustrated by a shortage of funds under the Farsantes. Quietly supported the Insurrection, hoping that a new goverment would set different priorities.

Okay, I can usually see the logic behind Espinales' points of view, but this motivation is flat-out ridiculus. "Health care for war victims!? Pah! Waste of money! Let them eat cake! Bootstraps!" He does kind of have sort of a point as the economic situation is pretty bleak, but his way of explaining it is really out there.

Happy news! With our refusal to accept Soviet military aid, the US was now willing to offer us increased economic aid.

Also, it seems we can add our export credits to the list of reforms that haven't worked out entirely as intended.


Vote 1, on Health care

A: Increase funding for health care.

B: Keep allocations for health care to a minimum.

Vote 2, on Economic aid from the US

A: Direct development aid to those most in need of it.

B: Accept new offers of aid from the USA.

Vote 3, on Credits for agricultural producers

A: Give more bank loans to the 'progressive producers,' and less to those trying to 'decapitalize'.

B: Direct the National Bank to give priority to the producers of export crops.