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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 16

The winning votes: ABB- Increasing funding for health care, Accepting US aid, and Redirecting credit to export producers.

Dr Escobar was relieved with our decision.

The leftist press also celebrated the new policy.

We were halfway through our maximum term, and still no sign of a coup. However, tragic news arrived.

Rest in peace, Judith. Chimerica thanks you for everything you've done.

More news of reacto attacks were printed in the news for every passing day.

I would make a fistshaking smiley at Blowtorch Bob, but it's all a bit too sad.

In response to the increasing attacks, Correa urged for the institution of a draft.

Given his close ties to the Ministry of Defense, little could be done to oppose the initiative.

Both he and Calderon seemed pleased, though.

Of course, the draft sparked a fierce debate both at home and abroad.

Even so, the review of the national institutions continued. Next in turn was the education system.

Biography of Leticia Azurdia de Granados: President of the Federation of Chimerican Educators, an organization branded as subversive by Farsante. Formerly dean of the National University, Poyais. Also active in the League of Chimerican Women,a "popular organization" associated with the National Liberation Party.

Again, relevant concerns, medieval arguments.

The food subsidies were becoming an almost unbearable burden on the treasury (especially as more money was spend on improving health care), a fact which was becoming obvious even to the common man on the street.

Biography of Esmeralda Manzon de Osorio: Owner of a licensed market stall at the Westen Market in Poyais. The open-air "Occidental" is the largest marketplace in the country. Something long sold out everywhere else will usually still be available at the Occidental -- at a price.

There was also the small matter of a resolution regarding a small people's republic in East Europe.

Voting time!

Vote 1, on Education

A: Increase funding for education.

B: Keep education funding at current, low levels.

Vote 2, on Food shortages

A: Ration the six basic foods with a system of 'issue cards'.

B: Eliminate all controls on food prices.

Vote 3, on International relations

A: Abstain from voting on the UN resolution condemning martial law in Panslavia.

B: Vote for the resolution condemning martial law in Panslavia.