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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 17

The winning votes (hope I get it right this time): BAB - Keeping education funding low, Rationing basic foods, Voting in favor of the resolution

Leticia makes us feel like a scolded child

And reactions to the rationining are mixed as well.

god damnit why does noone respect the presidency

And not even our efforts to be seen as resposible actors internationally are appreciated.

There are also some news of the US being angry at some Middle Eastern country. No-one is that surprised.

The efforts to fight corruption continue.

This is a relatively slow point in the game, where a lot of decisions essentially are telling your ministers "keep doing what you're doing", this in particular being one such matter.

The cabinet is pretty much unanimously pushing for us to schedule elections, so we make the historical decsison to allow the Chimerican people to choose their leaders for the first time ever. It's kind of a good feeling.

I wish they didn't have to be so rude about it, though.

Shortly after the election is announced, we recieve word from the Electoral Council that the draft of the constitution is finished.

Uh... That's... ...really not at all what we wanted, is it?

The cabinet is divided on how to continue with the democratization process at this point.

And another resolution vote is coming up, this time regarding the situation in Diwaniya.

So just two votes today, as I mention this is a bit of a slow point. Don't worry - things will get real interesting real soon.

Vote 1, on Democracy

A: Support the League of Chimerican Women and other 'popular democratic organizations'.

B: Lend your support to efforts to rewrite the constitution.

Vote 2, on International relations

A: Vote for a UN resolution condemning the US attack on Diwaniya.

B: Abstain from voting on the resolution condemning the US attack on Diwaniya.