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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 18

The winning vote: BB - Revising the constitution and Abstaining on the resolution

As the second year enters its last season, the nation prepares for its first democratic election.

There are disturbing news of rapidly increasing national debt.

But let's not worry about that now - they're about to announce the candidates!

The candidate for Popular Stability...

Francisco Rosario Rosanes!

"7th" is supposed to be "with", I guess. An easy typo to make.

The National Liberation candidate is...

Our very own Manuel Calderon Iglesias!

I'm pretty sure that this is actually supposed to be an issue of El Independente rather than Chimerica Ahora, given how they describe Calderon.

And the nomination for Christian Reform...

Oh my... Will we be nominated?


Preparations begin to ensure that the election goes smoothly, despite the tense security situation.

Oberon seems to have something special in mind, though...

And, as our dear defense minister will be leaving the cabinet to run against us, we will need to find someone to replace him. Here we have the eligable candidates:

Voting time!

Vote 1, on Democracy

A: Direct Chief of Staff Correa to protect opposition rallies from disruption.

B: To further your election campaign, accept financial aid from the US government.

C: Direct the Army leadership to relax all restrictions on opposition campaigns.

Vote 2: Give one (1) suggestion on which of the four candidates you want to replace Calderon as Minister of Defense.