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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 19

As expected, Calderon announced his resignation as minister, in order to run against us.

Luckily, Ignacio was willing to take his place.

Even so, the foreign press didn't seem so optimistic about our chances.

Some of our opponents? All of our opponents, more like.

A meeting was arranged with Mrs Sourwine of the IMF, on the topic of our mounting debt. Those were some sour grapes indeed.

The proposal was moved to the agenda, and most of the cabinet seemed to agree with her assessment. Only Father Julio and his NL compatriots voiced opposition, instead calling attention to threats other than lack of funding.

So, just one quick vote this time. Another important one, though.

A: Protect the rural health clinics from terrorist attacks.

B: Drastically cut spending on education and health care.

Yeah, I'd wish "balancing the budget" and "prevent our doctors from being blown up by fascists" wasn't a dichotomy, but that's Hidden Agenda for you

You're also free to give suggestions if there are any issues that have been up before that you would like to revisit. (as I think I mentioned before, this is a bit of a slow part of the game unless you revisit old issues a bit.)