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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

Part 21

With a slim majority, it was decided to cut down on Chimericas fledgling health care program.

At least Sourwine and the Americanos were contented...

...while El Independente was disgusted. Some very harsh words were said.

Following concerns from the US ambassador, the military was again ordered to ensure the safety of the election process.

Despite this, there was growing concern both domestically and internationally.

And there were disconcerting rumors about the CR being funded by the CIA, despite the fact that the presidente had made no such agreement.

This just might either just be rumors, or one of those cases were your ministers take actions unbeknownst to the player. But Oberon knows what's best, after all.

There was some debate whether or not Chimerica should join the newly created Movement of Nonaligned Nations.

And, just when we thought that the election couldn't go much less smoothly, we recieved the news of a general strike.

See, if Hector had been an economist he would know about the concept of Purchasing Power Parity - even though Chimerican wages are lower than those in the US or Europe in absolute terms, they would still be able to afford more than such a comparison would suggest due to the much lower price level in Chimerica. (caused by the Balassa-Samuelson effect that I mentioned in passing earlier. Hey - my education is paying off! )

At least Espinales speaks like a true neo-liberal


Vote 1, on International Relations

A: Join the Movement of Nonaligned Nations.

B: Decline the invitation to join the Nonaliged Movement.

Vote 2, on Workers Rights

A: Continue to support the rights of workers.

B: Crack down on left-wing agitators. Keep the minimum wage to a minimum.

This is an emergency - there can be no time for rational moderation!

Anyway, the next update might be the last chance to vote, as the election looks quite bleak at the moment. So vote while you still can!