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Part 22

After gutting the health care programs, the next step for the Maria administration was to stomp down on the unions. Espinales was all too happy to send in the police to break up the general strike by force.

However, these events were overshadowed in the press by the unending stream of news about the upcoming election. It wasn't good.

That's a pretty great mental picture, though.

The rumours of the CR campaign being funded by the CIA refuse to die down...

...and the French have little faith in us, too.

Around the same time we politely refused join the Movement of Nonaligned Nations, we were informed that the election was entering the final phase. With many candidates resigning, things didn't look too swell.

And the news didn't get better. The right claimed that the election was a sham...

...the left were still convinced we were in the pockets of the Norteamericanos...

...while the Norteamericanos was inclined to agree with the Ahora, making comparisons with counterfeit currency.

The French seemed pleased, though.

Again, the NL faction of the administration urged for further Army buildups, despite that news of attacks had been drowned out by the drama surrounding the election recently.

With very little political room to maneuver right before the election, time was spent gathering goodwill and attending rememberance services for those who disappeared during the reign of Farsante.

Biography of Gloria Mendoza de Lerma:
A Poyais housewife whose daughter Emiliana, a university student, was abducted during the last year of the dictatorship and has not been seen since. Has now taken up the search for her daughter, as well as for hundreds of others who suffered a similar fate, through a pressure group called "Mothers of the Disappeared."

It seems to me that the Mothers of the Disappeared are very closely based on the Madres de Plaza de Mayo of Argentina. Gloria Mendoza's also one of the people who die really horribly if you let the death squads hang around and it's a terrible thing

I don't actually expect any of you guys to vote with Old Man Deathsquad here, but I wanted to give him one last chance to be a real dick


Vote 1, on Right-wing insurrection

A: Continue to build an Army capable of protecting our citizens from mercenaries.

B: Strictly limit military preparations to the amount necessary to contain the rebels.

Vote 2, on Human rights

A: Continue to thoroughly investigate the cases of the disappeared.

B: Ask the victims of past crimes to forgive and forget.