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by Covski

Part 24

Exaugural speech of Presidente Fernandes ”Carnitas” Maria Corrigo of Chimerica

My fellow Chimericans!

It has been a difficult two years for our proud nation. We have faced many challenges since the end of the Insurrection and the overthrow of the dictator Farsante. But we Chimericans are a proud people, a strong people. We are a nation that will never bend or break in the face of adversity, and that will never cease to struggle for a better, brighter future for our children.

During the two years of this administration, we have sought to do just that. And I maintain that this future can not be reached if we are unwilling to compromise. I believe that the greater good can only be achieved if we work together. And I think that we as a people are willing to do just that. In fact, I find these very elections to be the foremost proof of just that. What has happened here today is a great milestone in Chimerican history, and which will be echo through the centuries. You will remember this day, and tell of it to your grandchildren. Today, Chimerica knows the light of democracy once again!

I know there are those among you who think of me as a traitor to the revolution, that I have turned my back on those ideals that guided us through the dark days of the insurrection. But know this: Our work is greater than any ideology or any party. Our duty is to the people and to Chimerica. I pray that we can all work together, every campesino and soldier, factoryworker and merchant. And I pray that my successors will show moderation and not throw away all that has been accomplished here today. I pray that history will redeem Chimerica, and I know that its people will endeavor to ensure our beautiful future.

Remember always those who have died in our struggle for freedom, and never forget the great destiny that lies ahead. God bless Chimerica!

The Verdict of History

Well, it seems we did pretty good at least, given the circumstances. A graph dump from the time of the end of our reign will follow in a while.